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By: Hannah

Living with gluten, wheat and dairy intolerance’s

         An intolerance to gluten & dairy takes getting used to

Back in the early days when I was told about my food intolerance, I found it rather difficult to know where to start. It was a time where information was not as freely available as it is now, as people were not being diagnosed with intolerance’s and allergies so much. However, I find it very easy now but only because I have spent a great deal of time in supermarkets and researching products to know what I can have without having to spend a life time reading labels.

Intolerance’s are different to allergies and that is important to point out. The side effects of food intolerance for me personally can be anything from itchy skin, headaches or migraines, diarrhoea, stomach aches and achy muscles that make you feel that walking is even a huge effort. Once you have experienced these side effects, you really do make it a mission to avoid the food that made you feel that way.

As soon as I started to remove the gluten and dairy from my diet in my late 20’s early 30’s, I immediately noticed the difference. Weight started to come off, my body wasn’t continually bloated and I had energy for the first time! I no longer had to have a nap in the afternoon every weekend. It was fantastic and continues to be.

At first, I was spending hours doing the weekly shop. Looking at the labels of everything. You wouldn’t believe how much food has gluten (wheat) and dairy in when you would least expect it. At first, it feels as though you have no choices in what you eat, but fear not, you do.

The best way to deal with intolerance’s is to cook from scratch. Not only will that help this aspect of your diet, you will also start to get the nutrients that you need. Prepacked food offers far too much sugar, salt and fat and is not ideal for a balance diet.

My recent discovery is a brand called ‘Promise’, I found it this week when shopping and it is the first time I have come across it. I got it in Sainsbury. To find a brioche bread that is both gluten and dairy free is amazing for me. At 153 calories for 2 slices, it offers a lower calorie option than bread too. I haven’t had bread for many years as gluten free bread is very grainy and unpalatable for me. So far, I have had it for toast in the morning or eggy bread, one of my favourites. The protein of the egg keeps me full all morning without snacking and the bread is just luxury on my pallet.

Part of the work I do as a Holistic Nutrition & Weight Management Coach is to aid people with knowing how to deal with food allergies and intolerance’s. Especially when you have a family. Cooking one thing for one family and another for the rest is time consuming and exhausting. But with help, this isn’t necessary.

If you would like help on this, please drop me an email to [email protected]

My qualifications and years of personal experience mean that I am tooled up to be able to help you.






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