Personal Pilates Training & Pilates LIVE sessions

The mind to muscle connection that is a focus in Pilates is important to learn how our bodies are working and how to strengthen them further Pilates is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk. It is the perfect exercise to strengthen the Core and therefore the back. If you have suffered with tight muscles, bad back/neck, limited flexibility, have given birth and want to regain your pelvic floor, then Pilates is something you should certainly try.

  • Improves bone strength and posture
  • Pilates breath work not only fuels the body to be able to take your exercise to the next level, it provides crucial focus on our body and the benefit that the breathing can bring to us daily. It is calming, helps promote Wellbeing and focus. This can help stress and mental health conditions on a daily basis, not just in a class environment
  • It is ideal for strengthen muscles in a non impacting way
  • Pilates elongates the muscles to be able to help you look great and for those that are looking to build muscle for sports, this helps you achieve this
  • Many Physiotherapists advise people to do Pilates following injuries as it is an excellent way to rehabilitate.
1 -1 Pilates instruction £50 per session
£220 for 5 sessions


Qualified, offering you peace of mind and assurance that I took exams to practise this beautiful exercise